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Tutoriel HighCharts

Tutoriel MySQL - Highcharts


- Thank you very much Javier for the translation into Spanish and English.
- Muchas gracias Javier para la traducción en Español e Inglés
- Merci beaucoup à Javier pour la traduction en espagnole et en anglais

Ce tutoriel est aussi disponible en espagnol
Este tutorial también está disponible en español
This tutorial is also available in Spanish
Ce tutoriel est aussi disponible en Français
Este tutorial también está disponible en Francés
This tutorial is also available in in French


My first dynamic graph.

- Objective: feed a MySQL database with your weather data and plot these data as dynamic graphs with the library Highcharts. There are several ways to create these graphs: from csv files, xml, json, etc. .. I will try to explain how to do it from a base
MySQL database, this is definitely the way that allows for greater flexibility and display speed.

Assuming that I am not an expert in PHP and MySQL, I want,before, thank you for your Data2Sql Jean Turlier program and Jean Michel ( for their help. I would not have reached this result without them.

At the end of this tutorial, you will need this table.
Using data from the past 48 hours:

Before you begin, you should be able to create a database MySQL or PostgreSQL on your web server; usually this is done from the control panel of your website. We will focus on MySQL is the most common on shared servers.

Some shared servers will not allow an external program connect to their databases,
for example OVH, you should understand with your hosting provider.

For example, my "hosting" allows this funció

The net offers a free database and works with a external connection,
I tried, but I know the reliability of their service; can be used to test if your current
host refuses to admit conexionesexternas.
Une liste mise à jour est disponnible sur le forum

For those interested, I did a little tutorial to create a database db4free data and have also created
a database test; is can be used to, for example, test chart if you have the possibility of transferring
the data to your hosting.

The tutorial is available

The database is freely available without any restrictions, so out of respect potential users,
will appreciate not modify or delete the database.

A question, a problem, an idea, visit the forum.

Forum Highcharts


Create a database with the name you want (no accent in the name)
should not create any table, as the program will do it.


To get Data2SQL program communicate with your database you must install the ODBC 
connector, see theConnector ODBC install the driver for your operating system.

(It is also possible to load a PostgreSQL database)
Download and install the program Data2SQL by Jean.

Start the program, below is the image of opening the program.
Click "Données" then "Configuration"
Choose the type of station/data file.
Click "Données" then "Base de données"
Configuration window to connect to the database
In the window of "drivers" ought, "5.xx MySQL ODBC Driver" is displayed,
this is the driver previously installed, select the file.
Fill the boxes like this:
- Host: the name of your server, for example.
- Port: 3306 unless otherwise specified by your hosting.
- Database: The name you gave your database.
- User: The user name must be specified when creating the database.
- Password: The password for the database.
- Name of the table: data (data is better, but you can put anything!)
Click "Test connection"
Tutoriel HighCharts
If you have completed all fields, you must have a window that opens
with the message "Connection OK", if this is not the case, take a look at all fields.
If you have an error of this type
Tutoriel HighCharts
1 -. You have filled wrong one of the fields.
2 -. Your hosting does not allow an external program to connect through port 3306 to your base
information, ask your hosting provider.
The selection of your data files.
For Davis Vantage Vue and which generate xxx.wlk files, simply indicate the
Station directory where the files generally is stored:
C: \ WeatherLink \ station name
the program will transfer the data in order from oldest to most recent ..
For other stations that generate dat, csv, etc. ..
You have to select the files one by one, beginning with the oldest
(Copy the files one after another in an empty folder), initiate the transfer;
once the first file transferred to the database, go to the next and so on
Click "" Demarrer " to start the data transfer.
After a few seconds, you should see in phpMyAdmin, a window as shown below:
Tutoriel Mysql
  Now we have to be very patient, loading tables in a database
remote data will be higher or lower, depending on the amount of data. As an example,
I needed a day charge for each year of data at a rate of 1 record my station every 5 minutes.

For those who are comfortable with databases, I suggest that build your database locally with WampServer, for example, then then export it withBigDump.
It is much faster locally than on a remote server.

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Este tutorial también está disponible en español
Ce tutoriel est disponible en français
Did you enjoy this tutorial, worked?
Give me your opinion
Or help me keep this site running.

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